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Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Color Of Woman

Color of Woman
Korean Drama Released In 2011

Drama Title :

Title : Color of Woman
Korean Title : 컬러 오브 우먼
Chinese Title : 女人的色彩
Genre : Romance, Comedy drama
Episodes : 16
Broadcast network : Channel A
Broadcast period : 2011-Dec-05 to 2012

Cast :

- Yoon So Yi as Byun So Ra
- Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo
- Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin
- Lee Soo Kyung as Wang Jin Joo
- Sung Dong Il
- Park Sang Myun
- Kim Joo Young

Production :

- Director : Kim Soo Young
- Screenwriter : Choi Yeon Ji, Park Hyun Jin, and Jeon Yong Sung.

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